Protect Your Accounts with Positive Pay from Grand Ridge National Bank

Check and ACH Positive Pay are available through Grand Ridge National Bank’s Business Online Banking and is free of charge for any business checking account type.

While many banks charge for this, we believe in providing access to free, easy-to-use tools to help detect and prevent unauthorized activities.

Mobile Payment

Check Positive Pay scrutinizes check information and automatically alerts business owners when exceptions are found to help you quickly identify fraudulent or stale-dated checks.

  • Check Issue File Positive Pay allows you to upload a list of checks issued.  The system will flag anything not matching your check issue file for review.  
  • Payee Positive Pay provides your business with an added level of security to eliminate altered or washed payee names by validating the payee information in addition to the check number and dollar amount.
  • Reverse Positive Pay provides a solution for businesses that issue a limited number of checks but are still looking for a tool to mitigate fraud and eliminate uploading check issue files.

ACH Positive Pay helps users stop unauthorized ACH withdrawal transactions. Business owners can easily add companies to their approved list to allow future transactions, block unauthorized companies, or set parameters for transactions such as amount limits, frequency, and start and end dates.


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Benefits of Positive Pay

Expect more when you bank with us.

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Protect Your Account

Helps stop unauthorized or fraudulent transactions from clearing your account.

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Save Money

Saves money by limiting potential losses and legal fees with timely return of unauthorized items.

Payment Protection

Allows greater control of your payments and the peace of mind knowing funds are properly distributed.

Easy to Use

Self-service portal integrates with online banking allowing you to manage exceptions and make returns at your convenience and without contacting the bank.

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