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Personal Banking

Best CD Investment Rates

Protect and grow your investment with an FDIC insured fixed rate and fixed term Certificate of Deposit

A Variety of Terms to Choose From

Grand Ridge National Bank offers a variety of CD terms to choose from.  Terms range from 6 months to 5 years.  In general, the longer the term of the CD, the higher the interest rate paid.

Current CD Terms:

  • Premier 182 Day CD
  • Premier 12 Month CD
  • Premier 24 Month CD
  • Premier 36 Month CD
  • Premier 48 Month CD
  • Premier 60 Month CD
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Personal Banking

CD Laddering

A CD Ladder is a savings strategy that combines short and long-term CDs to take advantage of higher rates while providing frequent access to funds. Let our experienced and knowledgeable personal bankers assist you with setting your own CD Ladder and experience the difference when working with a boutique bank.

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Is a CD right for me?

CDs are not the right investment for everyone.  While they provide the safety and security of a fixed rate for a set period of time, if you need access to the funds before the maturity date of the CD you will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty.  CDs can be ideal if:

You have cash sitting in a low yielding investment portfolio
You sold an asset such as real-estate or a business and need a safe haven for the funds
You received an inheritance, legal settlement, or other large sum of money and don’t wish to risk it in the stock market
You have a long-term goal for your funds and just want to earn the best possible interest rate

Personal Banking

Invest with the Best

Grand Ridge National Bank has a 5-Star rating from independent bank rating agency Bauer Financial.  Since 1983, Bauer Financial has performed its own, independent analysis on the data supplied to the FDIC each quarter.  The Bauer 5-star rating has been a respected symbol of strength and stability within the industry for almost 40 years.

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